What is Glucosmart? Glucosmart is a weight loss supplement that claims to be able to fight belly fat, help curb cravings, and normalize your blood sugar levels. You’re supposed to take one capsule per day, but if you weigh more than 160 pounds, you should take two doses a day. Lorna Vanderhaeghe Health Solutions is responsible for the Glucosmart formula, which appears to have been on the market since 2014. You can find it via online dealers such as Amazon, and there’s a store locator on the official website. There was no mention of an affiliate program or MLM scheme,

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What is Glabrinex? Glabrinex is a dietary supplement that may help reduce your total fat mass or BMI (body mass index). It’s directed to be taken in conjunction with a “healthy diet and lifestyle program.” You just take three softgels each day with dinner. This weight management product is available online via the official website, as well as through other dealers such as Amazon. Some customer feedback is posted on the web, but not all of it is encouraging. There is a lifetime satisfaction guarantee provided on the website. The company behind Glabrinex is Vitamin Research Products, which was founded

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Fruta Planta

What is Fruta Planta? Fruta Planta is a weight loss supplement that’s supposed to help you lose weight through improved digestion. Depending on the product you choose, instructions will vary. It is not advised for people over the age of 60 to use the formulas. The official website offers information on Fruta Planta, but not on the company behind the line. You can order the product from various countries, but it is advised that you check the official website before trying to place an order. Active Fruta Planta Ingredients Most of the ingredients in Fruta Planta are fairly simple and

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Food Lovers Diet

What is Food Lovers Diet? The Food Lovers Diet is touted as a “revolutionary” approach to weight loss. It’s claimed to help you drop three sizes in only eight weeks. While there is a free trial membership available, this diet program actually costs $119.94. It includes a set of books and a DVD to help you with your goals. You are expected to change your eating habits and portion sizes. This program is supposed to jumpstart your metabolism and keep your blood glucose levels from spiking. The company behind the Food Lovers Diet is Provida Life Sciences, and it was

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What is FirstFitness? FirstFitness is a brand that focuses on weight loss, herbal cleansing, sports fitness, and skin and body care. They offer weight management supplements such as Trimbolic, Body FX, Xanolean Supreme, and Reneu. All of which are sold directly through the official website. There are also “three complete programs” available; Boost ($89.95), Accelerate ($124.95), and Transformation ($189.95). These are geared toward both women and men of all body types. This company has been around since 1989. FirstFitness International, Inc. is located in Carrollton, TX. A contact email address and phone number are provided on the official website. There

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Fireball Liqui Fusion

What is Fireball Liqui Fusion? Fireball Liqui Fusion is designed to stimulate metabolism to promote weight loss. The instructions indicate consumers should take two softgels about thirty minutes before their two largest meals of the day. You can expect to spend about $53 a bottle. Fireball Liqui Fusion is manufactured by Precision Engineered. The company does not have a main website but they do have a number of products available through various websites. All products manufactured by the company appear to be in the field of weight loss or performance enhancement. Active Fireball Liqui Fusion Ingredients The majority of the

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What is Fastin-XR? Fastin-XR is marketed as an “evolutionary diet aid” for men and women. It’s claimed to be the world’s most advanced weight loss formula ever developed. You simply take one to two capsules each morning, and then one more after lunch. Since this diet product does contain stimulants, it should not be taken in the evening. No special diet is needed with this supplement, and no exercise is mentioned at all. The company that makes Fastin-XR is Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, which is located in Norcross, GA. This diet supplement is said to have extended release technology, which allows it

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EPIQ Shred

What is EPIQ Shred? EPIQ Shred is one of many fat burners and weight loss supplements available from EPIQ. The official website has been around since 2012, but this formula was released the following year. You take two capsules 30 minutes to an hour before the two largest meals of your day, with a glass of water. One bottle will last a month. EPIQ is the company that developed the EPIQ Shred formula. You buy direct from the official website, or through other online retailers like Amazon. It doesn’t look like this one is sold by affiliates or resellers, so

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What is Eola? Eola is the name of diet drops designed to help with weight loss. They hit the market prior to 2000 and by 2003 they were discontinued. You likely place the drops under the tongue and hold there for a short while before swallowing. The fact that this product was for sale for such a short time left us with a few questions we wanted to have answered. New Concept looks to be the company that produced and sold Eola diet drops. There are several businesses that use the term “New Concept”, but none appear to be associated

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What is Ensure? Ensure is a meal replacement product that is often marketed to older men and women. It supplies protein, along with various other vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Some varieties include Original, Plus, Enlive, High Protein, Light, Clear, Compact and Complete. You are supposed to drink it to support overall health when food intake does not provide everything the body needs. Abbott Laboratories is the parent company. Ensure was first introduced in 1973 and Abbott has been around for more than 100 years. You can buy online or in stores, but the official website does not sell direct. There

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