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Skinny Fiber - Diet Supplement Review

Fiber is an excellent addition to any weight loss program. When you consume fiber the digestive process slows down. The slower digestion occurs, the longer you feel full between meals. You can purchase fiber supplements for less than $5 at any local grocery store or vitamin shop. Skinny Fiber claims to be better than traditional fiber supplements. The main ingredient in Skinny Fiber is nothing more than a water-soluble fiber found in supplements from a long list of other companies.

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Skinny Fiber tries to convince the dieter that this supplement works better than other sources of fiber or glucomannan.


List of Ingredients

Glucomannan, Caralluma and Cha de Bugre.

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Product Features

Glucomannan is the fiber in Skinny Fiber. This fiber is unique in that it is soluble in water. When the supplement was first released it was touted as gastric bypass in a bottle. That is not exactly true or every dieter would already be at their ideal weight. The fiber can help reduce hunger, but there is a slight problem with this weight loss solution. Just because you are less hungry does not mean you are making better choices. Eating high fat, high calories foods is not a good option. Eating less of these foods does not equate to weight loss.

Caralluma is a cactus with ties to Africa and Saudi Arabia. Traditionally the cactus was used to fight hunger when Indians were on longer hunts. Clinical research into this ingredient does support reduced hunger, but that decrease in hunger did not cause weight loss.

Cha de bugre is a tree from Brazil. Brazilians use the supplement for weight loss, but it is also commonly used for cough, gout and cancer. Weight loss claims are not supported by scientific research. Skinny Fiber claims the ingredient decreases hunger and supports metabolism. Neither of these claims is backed by research either.


  • The ingredients in Skinny Fiber are listed on the official website.
  • The product is inexpensive.
  • You can order Skinny Fiber online.


  • You cannot order from the official website without the name of a distributor.
  • Glucomannan is not the answer to all weight loss concerns.
  • There are no unique ingredients in the formula.
  • Product claims are not supported with research.


Fiber is clinically proven to reduce hunger and support colon health. Skinny Fiber tries to convince the dieter that this supplement works better than other sources of fiber or glucomannan. The idea is sound based on claims surrounding the other ingredients in the formula, but without clinical support the dieter is left to decide whether or not to take the company on its word.

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