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Adipost - Diet Supplement Review

What is Adipost?

The generic name for Adipost is Phendimetrazine Tartrate. This is a prescription-grade weight loss drug, which is prescribed to individuals with weight-related health problems and those considered obese. It is taken in conjunction with a reduced-calorie diet plan and doctor-approved exercise. Adipost is similar to an amphetamine. It is also available in other brand names such as Bontril PMD, Bontril Slow Release and Melfiat. Note that Adipost is only used for a short period of time as a treatment for obesity.

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How Does Adipost Work?

This diet medication affects certain parts of the brain and stimulates the central nervous system, which results in decreased appetite. Reduced appetite should lead to fewer calories consumed. This medication may also increase the amount of energy your body uses. Adipost is classified as a sympathomimetic amine.

Since Adipost is similar to an amphetamine, it does increase your heart rate and blood pressure. Therefore it’s important to speak with your doctor about any other health conditions you may have, before taking Adipost. You also need to mention if you are currently on any other medications.

How Do You Take Adipost?

Typically Adipost is taken 2-3 times each day, an hour prior to meals. However, it’s best not to take this diet medication in the evenings because it can lead to insomnia or sleep troubles. Since everyone is different, you must follow your physician’s exact instructions regarding how to take Adipost for weight loss.

Should You Worry About Adverse Effects?

As with most prescription diet drugs, some adverse effects can occur while taking Adipost. The more common side effects include difficulty sleeping, diarrhea, dizziness, nausea, constipation, dry mouth, irritability, changes in libido, upset stomach, flushing, restlessness and tremors. If more serious adverse effects occur, you must contact your doctor immediately.

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