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Calatrim - Diet Supplement Review

What is Calatrim?

Calatrim is a fat burner. We were unable to locate an official website for this product, suggesting that it may no longer be available for purchase. Further investigation revealed no details about the manufacturer, or why it is not available. However, it doesn’t appear to be a result of any negative actions against the company behind it.

We don’t know who is responsible for the Calatrim formula. We found several reviews of the product, but no place to actually buy it.

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Calatrim may be a calcium supplement or it may not - there's no clear information.


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Active Calatrim Ingredients

We were unable to locate a full ingredient list for this product. We can speculate, based on the product name alone, that it at least contains calcium.

Calcium – a mineral required for optimal health. Available from a variety of foods, and in supplement form, calcium is associated with healthy bones and teeth. Most of the calcium our body holds is stored in the bones and teeth, while a small percentage is used for other bodily functions. Dairy products are high in calcium, but it is also abundant in leafy green vegetables.

What’s Calatrim Supposed to Do?

Calatrim is supposed to help dieters lose weight by making sure their calcium levels are where they need to be. Unfortunately, there’s no evidence to support that calcium alone can do anything to help advance your weight-loss faster than diet and exercise alone. Research does show, however, diets high in calcium are associated with reduced rates of obesity. But, you can’t just eat calcium and expect the pounds to melt away. You must also reduce your overall calorie intake, which means paying close attention to your diet. For healthy weight-loss to occur, you need to create a balanced diet with fewer calories, so focus on lean protein, fiber, and fruits and vegetables. Without knowing more details about the other ingredients in the formula, there’s no way to speculate how this product works, or if it would be effective enough to meet those claims.

Potential Calatrim Side Effects

Without knowing the full ingredient profile, it is impossible to speculate on the side effects of using Calatrim.

What’s the Final Take on Calatrim?

There’s really not much to say about Calatrim. The product is no longer available, for whatever reason. There is no information on the manufacturer, or what happened to them, or the product. We don’t have ingredient information, so there is nothing to convince us this supplement is any better than a traditional calcium supplement you can purchase over the counter at your local store. And, there’s no reason to believe this supplement could do any better job than including three servings of low-fat dairy in your reduced calorie diet.

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