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FitMiss Burn - Diet Supplement Review

What is FitMiss Burn?

FitMiss Burn is the fat burning product in the FitMiss line of supplements designed specifically for women. According to the manufacturer, it is necessary to approach weight loss on multiple fronts and claims the product addresses the six biggest issues confronting women such as food cravings and a slow metabolism.

MusclePharm, Corp. is the manufacturer or FitMiss Burn. The company produces a variety of nutritional supplements and was founded in 2010. The headquarters is in Denver, Colorado. They sell supplements in more than 45,000 retail locations in more than 120 countries.

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FitMiss Burn is a stimulant-based diet pill that will likely boost energy.


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Active FitMiss Burn Ingredients

Other than the vitamins included in the formula, the majority of the ingredients are listed under one of six proprietary blends.

Guarana Seed Extract – a stimulant that has received attention for potential weight loss properties which have been substantiated by some research.

Caffeine – a stimulant which has strongly been linked to appetite suppression and weight loss.

Pyroglutamic Acid – an amino acid that has anecdotal evidence to support use to increase energy.

Green Tea Extract – a stimulant which has been shown to facilitate weight loss in some individuals.

Papain – an enzyme derived from the papaya fruit that may be linked to weight loss.

Yerba Mate – widely used in dietary supplements, studies show it has the potential to reduce obesity for some individuals.

Uva Ursi – traditionally used to treat urinary tract infections, it also works as a diuretic which can help eliminate excess water weight.

What’s FitMiss Burn Supposed to Do?

The makers of FitMiss Burn claim the product will help facilitate weight loss using a variety of methods, including fat burning, appetite suppression, elevated energy and metabolism, and improved overall mood. Dieters are instructed to take two capsules half an hour before breakfast and again before lunch. They are also advised to drink a minimum of one gallon of water each day they use FitMiss Burn. When used as directed, each bottle will last approximately two weeks.

Potential FitMiss Burn Side Effects

FitMiss Burn has many ingredients that are powerful stimulants. Though not true of all users, some experienced:

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Jitters
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Headache
  • Irregular moods
  • Irregular heartbeat

What’s the Final Take on FitMiss Burn?

FitMiss Burn is made by a respected company. Many of the ingredients are shown to help promote weight loss. However, there are several stimulants included which can be problematic for some consumers. Most of the ingredient amounts are not individually listed. Rather, they are grouped together in various proprietary blends, making it impossible to know if the amounts are therapeutic.

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