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Leptigen - Diet Supplement Review

What You Should Know

Leptigen is a weight loss supplement comprised of four simple ingredients. The ingredients are clinically tested and proven, so the dieter is getting more than fillers. The official website offers detailed information on each of the ingredients and a link to clinical studies supporting weight loss claims. Combine this information with accessible customer service gives Leptigen the upper hand in the diet supplement market.

  • Effectiveness
  • Price
  • Long Term Results
  • Safe to Use


When proven weight loss ingredients are combined into a supplement like Leptigen, you can expect results. Leptigen is our recommended weight loss supplement currently on the market.


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List of Ingredients

Meratrim, ChromeMate, Caffeine and Green Tea Extract.

Product Features

Meratrim is made up of sphaeranthus indicus and garcinia mangostana. Clinical studies have proven when these two ingredients are combined, the resulting formula supports weight loss. Historically, sphaeranthus indicus has been used to fight stress, reduce damage associated with free radicals and ease inflammation. Mangosteen, another name for garcinia mangostana, can be used for diarrhea, urinary tract infractions and thrust based on past uses. The unique combination works synergistically with proven results.

ChromeMate is chromium polynicotinate. Chromium polynicotinate differs from chromium picolinate. The polynicotinate is more bioavailable, so you get more chromium. There is a ton of clinical research into chromium. Chromium is commonly marketed for diabetics as it can support healthy blood glucose levels. In dieters with normal blood glucose levels, chromium can support levels so you feel less hungry.

Caffeine is a strong diet supplement ingredient. Clinical research is abundant with proof it works to boost energy, support metabolism, improve athletic performance and even sharpen cognitive function. The clinically proven results are even better when caffeine is combined with green tea extract, as is the case with Leptigen.

Green tea extract is one of the best ingredients for naturally improving weight loss. Green tea extract offers antioxidant protection. Antioxidant levels can increase with diet and exercise. The body can help fight off free radicals naturally, but green tea takes up the slack when the body can’t keep up. Green tea extract contains caffeine and EGCG. Caffeine helps boost metabolism as does EGCG. Green tea extract is even more effective when combined with caffeine.

When proven weight loss ingredients are combined into a supplement like Leptigen, you can expect great results. But the company realizes not all customers will like Leptigen. Dieters who give Leptigen a try and do not like the results can return the supplement within the first 30 days – even if the supplement bottle is opened.


  • Ingredients in Leptigen are supported with clinical research on humans.
  • The company offers links to these clinical studies.
  • Customer service is easy to reach for answers and phone ordering.
  • Your order is backed with a money-back guarantee.
  • Testimonials support weight loss claims.


  • Caffeine may cause some side effects in dieters sensitive to caffeine.


Leptigen is one of the best weight loss supplements on the market. The company just gets it. You can find testimonials on the official website, there are links to clinical studies, customer service is there to help and your order can be returned for a refund if you’re not satisfied.

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