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Lipo BC - Diet Supplement Review

What is Lipo BC?

Lipo BC is a dietary supplement that’s supposed to improve energy and support liver production. We also found a description that claims it can help with the “proper utilization of dietary fats.” We know one tablet is a serving and there are 90 in each bottle, so we assume you take three daily. Though we weren’t able to find out when the supplement was released, we know the company behind it started online in 2006.

Legere Pharmaceuticals makes Lipo BC. This is not the only weight loss product the company has to offer. There are also Be-Thin, Nutrilean and Probese. You can’t place an order on the official website, but Amazon does carry it. That means you’ll have to go on that return policy. There is no guarantee offered from Legere.

  • Effectiveness
  • Price
  • Long Term Results
  • Safe to Use


The ingredients in Lipo BC don't really look like they'd be in a weight loss supplement.


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Active Lipo BC Ingredients

There aren’t many ingredients in Lipo BC and the ones that are there are not exactly the best available out there today.

B Vitamins – one of the more popular B vitamins for weight loss is B-12. As is the case with all B vitamins, it plays an important role in energy production on a cellular level. However, benefits like increased energy and improved cognition are only likely in people who’re deficient.

PABA – interestingly, PABA is commonly used topically to prevent sunburn. When taken by mouth, there are no known benefits.

d-Calcium Pantothenate – also known as pantothenic acid. This B vitamin can be consumed through foods like vegetables, grains and some dairy products. No clear connection with weight loss.

Folic Acid – another B vitamin. Hugely important for pregnant women, who take it from the start to reduce the risk of neural tube defects. It may have a positive impact on people with kidney disease and increased homocysteine levels. Will not boost metabolism, energy or weight loss.

Vitamin C – vitamin that works in various parts of the body, including protein metabolism, collagen synthesis and production of neurotransmitters.

What’s Lipo BC Supposed to Do?

The simple claim is it is supposed to boost energy, but it’s not likely as effective as your morning cup of Joe. There’s also mention of being an alternative to lipotropic injections. The company doesn’t bother to share any links to research that backs these promises and we found none to offer.

Potential Lipo BC Side Effects

The ingredients in Lipo BC are not normally associated with side effects. The only one that caught our eye was vitamin C. When taken in high doses, it can cause

  • Gastrointestinal side effects
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach cramps and pain

What’s the Final Take on Lipo BC?

Our research into Lipo BC left us hesitant to give our recommendation. The fact that it is caffeine free will be a selling point for some, but that’s about all the formula has going for it. There are far too few reviews to place support on the results of customers who’ve tried it so we’re on the fence.

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