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Thrive Diet - Diet Supplement Review

What is the Thrive Diet?

The Thrive Diet is a book written by Brendan Brazier. He was once a professional athlete, but we didn’t find mention of formal education or certification in nutrition or weight loss. It was released in 2007 and it’s not the only one published by the author. The eating plan is plant based and it’s supposed to help fight aging, increase energy and eliminate hunger.

Thrive Forward is the website that offers information on Brendan Brazier’s diet and workout plans. You can sign up online for access to a lesson plan, videos, emails and more. There’s nothing in the Terms and Conditions about a paid membership, but we assume those emails will contain links to products sold by the company.

  • Effectiveness
  • Price
  • Long Term Results
  • Safe to Use


Thrive Diet is all about eating a plant-based diet, but you can find the same information for free online.


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Active Thrive Diet Ingredients

There’s no mention of supplements in the literature, but the book does provide recipes for things like workout snacks and energy gels. For additional cooking tips there are a variety of Thrive Diet cookbooks.

Plant-Based Nutrition – a program that changes out animal products for those that come from nature. These plans typically encourage eating foods that grow in place of those that once had a heartbeat.

Clean Eating – a plan that encourages healthy, natural, unprocessed foods that provide tons of nutrients.

Website Membership – access to videos, literature and emails with information on the Thrive Diet.

What is the Thrive Diet Supposed to Do?

It looks like the Thrive Diet book has morphed into the Thrive Forward website. According to both, this type of eating plan is supposed to support overall health and wellness in a variety of ways. The website says you will “learn from experts how to eat, train and cook to promote optimal health”. The book is a complete 12-week plan. Neither offer any type of clinical proof the Brendan Brazier programs are more effective than traditional dieting.

Potential Thrive Diet Side Effects

When you make drastic changes to your diet, it can cause some side effects. Based on the increased fiber and overall food intake, followers may experience:

  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Hunger
  • Fatigue

What’s the Final Take on the Thrive Diet?

The Thrive Diet is a plant-based program, first and foremost. You can find those all over the internet and you don’t have to buy a book to learn how to replace animal proteins. There doesn’t appear to be a huge focus on supplements, though products by Vega are sold on the Thrive Forward website. When you click on the links for Vega, you are taking to the website with what looks like an affiliate link, so Mr. Brazier is likely making money off every purchase. We find it difficult to recommend this book, if only because the same information is available free online.

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